Iran to export gasoline soon

Kerman, March 21, IRNA : The First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said that Iran will soon turn into an exporter of gasoline.

Speaking to a group of officials in Kerman Province, central Iran, Jahangiri said that once used to be an importer of gas oil, Iran has now become a major exporter of the product and will soon turn into an exporter of gasoline, too. Iran's joint oil fields with other countries was one of the main pivots of the Economy of Resistance last year, said the official, adding that almost eight years ago, Iranís amount of gas extraction from South Pars equaled that of Qatar's and when the government of President Hassan Rouhani took office in 2013, the Qataris used to extract gas from their joint oil field with Iran as twice as that Tehran did. ďSuch a gap should be interpreted as plunder of public wealth: The share and right of the Iranian nation was plundered by a miniature state.Ē Gahangiri added that during President Rouhani's term in office, his government focused on the South Pars and the amount of Iran's extraction equalled with that of the Qataris and it is to exceed Qatar during the current Iranian calendar year, 1396 (March 21, 2017-March 20. 2018), which just began two days ago, March 20. He also announced that Iranís oil recovery from joint oil fields west of Karoon River has increased.