Supreme Leader: This year marks important year

Mashhad, Razavi Khorassan Prov., March 21, IRNA : Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that current Iranian year marks an important year for Iranian nation.

“This year marks an important year for the country both because of the country’s need to a major economic vibrancy … and of the imminent presidential and rural and city councils’ elections, which are in turn of high importance,” said the Supreme Leader in an address to large groups of pilgrims to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS), the 8th Imam of Prophet Mohammad’s (Peace Be upon Him and His Progeny) infallible household, on the occasion of the start of the new Iranian year. “These two well represent to the enemy the direction of Iranian nation: (huge public turnout in) the Bahman 22 rallies, (public participation in) ceremonies in (lunar month of) Moharram and in rallies on the day of Arbaeen (the 40th day of Imam Hossein’s (AS) martyrdom) do not belong to a special political trait; they belong to all the nation and different traits in the country. The direction of Iranian nation’s movement is religious and revolutionary in nature; it well showcases Iranian nation’s identity to both friends and enemies.” Recalling Iranian nation’s success in the last Iranian calendar year of 1395, the Supreme Leader said despite economic problems, the nation managed to shine well in two ways: Firstly, adherence to the revolutionary issues and values and to the Islamic establishment and secondly, loyalty to the religious and divine values. Whole events in the past year depict two major signs: National solidarity in basic issues of living despite differences in marginal and political issues, and public affiliation to the system, revolution, religious issues and matters of faith, said the Supreme Leader. Elsewhere in his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei said economy is the prioritized issue of the country. “Not just this year but for several years, it (economy) has been atop the key priorities of the country; In the years, the need was felt for taking appropriate economic moves and making sound planning.” “Economy is Iranian nation’s priority today; it’s worth noting that economy is the priority of the enemy as well. To achieve their goals in connection with Iran, Iranian and the Islamic Republic, enemies of the Islamic Republic resort to economic strategies or better to say to the mechanism of dealing economic blow on the Iranian nation. Enemy wants to pile up pressure to make Iranian nation disappointed with the Islamic establishment and the Islamic Republic. They wish to divide Iranian nation and the Islamic establishment, in line with their own objectives. Of course, I should say our ignorant and atheist enemy has been striving for years to separate the nation from the system but to no avail thanks to God Almighty.” The Supreme Leader, referring to giant moves taken in the country in the past 30 and couple of years, said number of population has risen to 80 million from 40 million, with that of roads showing six times growth, the port capacities increasing 20-folded, reservoir dams 30-folded, power generation 14-folded, and the non-oil and petrochemical exports 57- and 30-folded. Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution the exports were restricted to oil and a handful of other products which were nothing when compared to oil, said the Supreme Leader, adding that however, today the non-oil exports are up 57 times and that of petrochemical products 30 times. In terms of science and technology, Iran has gained good progress to the extent that number of students are up 25 times compared to the figure early in the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, said the Supreme Leader, adding that now, number of students are close to five million. “As for social and human development, the indices are high; the same is for services offered to the public like power, gas, phone and rural development services, which show promising and very good figures.” In terms of military activities there are high figures, said the Paramount Leader, adding that as a country, which was totally dependent on others like on such enemies as the US before triumph of the Islamic Revolution, Iran is now attaining so much military progress which has made enemy so angry and concerned.” “Revolution will not be stopped; progress will not be stopped. There are many things which should be done and thanks God Almighty they have been or will be done. I should say for certain that if the management in various parts of the country is committed, revolutionary and efficient, all problems of the country will be solved. We do not have any unsolvable problem.” “The second point is that the country’s capacities are so high. We have many potential and talents…. Iran is rich in human and natural resources, both under and above the ground forces. Five million students mark a huge asset for the country. Furthermore, we have 10 million university graduates.” “In terms of underground resources we are developed worldwide: We rank first worldwide in terms of oil and gas. We are on the top worldwide in terms of gas. This country is rich. That’s why enemies and the world domineering powers have an eye on the country; they want to dominate it; this is their wish for ever. They will fail to see their wish materialized.” The Supreme Leader said, “We want national security, national dignity, public welfare and health for Iran. We want all-out progress and independence of the world powers. We want actualization of talents and getting rid of such social problems as addiction.” “We need economy and strong production as well as powerful management. Without national unity this will not be obtained of course. Without link of the nation with the system such causes will not be met. Without revolutionary culture they will not be gained either. Without courageous, active and hard working officials such demands will not be addressed.” “Our economic vacuums are large: One of them is unemployment, especially unemployment of the educated youth and living condition of the poor. We are well aware of people’s status in many domains; people suffer problems. There are problems with unemployment and earning a living. Many cultural and social problems entail as a result. Economists consider recession and unemployment as major problem. They are right. One of the problems is unemployment and the other being production stagnation. Economy of Resistance is a collection. Any success to analyze the collection and put more emphasis on part of the key issues in any chance will yield good results for sure.” The Supreme Leader said, “Economic growth has proved positive; however, investment shows negative growth, which is a fundamental and big problem. Or, let’s say for instance that in certain sectors such as oil, we have gained progress but we are lagging behind in certain other sectors like mining and housing. Official statistics do not contend one that general movement is towards elimination of problems. At present juncture of the country’s economy, the basic work focuses on national and domestic problem. That’s a key word and whose diversified highlights are originated from the same issue. Any success to promote national production will result in employment. Unemployment is one of our calamities today. The unemployment rate is high. The problem will be either removed or minimized.” “Exports are a must: State officials should get active in this field. A few countries are the parties to considerable portion of our exports, which is a mistake. One more point is providing security of investment, which rests with the Judiciary and the security forces. They should try to guarantee security of investment. One more key job is stabilization of policies. Rules should not undergo constant changes. That’s something which rests with the Majlis. They should remove legal impediments.” Touching on elections, the Supreme Leader said, “Elections is a very important issue for our country. It holds true not only for presidential but also parliamentary and council elections. Elections are one of the two pillars of democracy. Religious democracy stands on the two pillars: Public votes and elections. To condemn Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic, enemies deny our elections. The world people and thinkers are stunned by the idea of religious democracy raised worldwide.Iranian people should shine well in the elections.” As far as elections are concerned, the exact requirements of the law should be acted upon and whatever is the result, it will be valid and legal, said the Supreme Leader, adding, “What’s of importance for me is first of all public turnout in the elections. All those eligible to vote should participate and make it glorious.” “I do not intend to interfere in elections; I’ve never told people to whom vote and to whom do not. There is only one thing I meddle in, and that is when a few individuals want to stand against popular vote and the people’s choice, intruding on the people’s vote.' “Anyone who seeks to confront a nation’s vote, I will stand against them. This has been the same in the previous elections. This was the same case for elections of 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2013. Sometimes, this happens right before the eyes of the people. And in other cases, this humble person was informed while the people were not. In all those elections, I've mentioned, there were people who wanted to confront the elections. It became clear only in 2009; but, in all those years I stood up. I made it clear that whatever the election results are, they should be acknowledged.' 'I predict that we will have glorious and broad-based elections; we hope that result of the elections will bring about prosperity and divine consent. The nation will proceed with good elections and God willing, enemy will not be able to do a damn thing,” concluded the Paramount Leader.